Innovation of the Era!
Mid to Late 1900s

Sound the Trumpet!

As early as 1752, firefighters used speaking trumpets to amplify their voices so other firemen could hear their orders. The first trumpets were made out of tin and then they began to be made of brass. In later years fancy, inscribed versions of these trumpets, sometimes made or plated in silver, were given to firemen as gifts to commemorate milestones in their firefighting careers.
During the 1800's, firemen discovered other uses for the speaking trumpet. Made out of brass, it was a great weapon when brawling with other fire companies. And if you turned it upside down and plugged the mouthpiece with a cloth or a cork, it made a great "mug" to drink beverages out of at the local tavern!
An example of a trumpet used as a commemorative gift, as was the practice in later years.