Early to Mid 1800s

Most Important Advance in Firefighting for the Era: Philadelphia Style Engines

In the early 1800's, Pat Lyon of Philadelphia, PA perfected the Philadelphia Pumper. Philadelphia-style pumpers, named for the city in which they were introduced, are characterized by "double-decker" configurations. The design allows four rows of firefighters – two on each end – to work the hand-powered pumping mechanism. This apparatus was one of the most reliable, efficient and powerful pumpers of its era and took firefighting to a new level.
This 1830 Philadelphia-style engine was built by John Rodgers and Company of Baltimore, Maryland. This pumper, like all pumpers of this era, depended on the firemen to pull it to the fire scene. Then the firemen had to pump the engine manually to fight the fire: exhausting work for the firemen of this era.