Early to Mid 1900s
The early 1900's saw the end of the use of the fire service horse and the steamer and the beginning of the motorized age of the fire service. Using the gasoline engine, fire engines did not have to depend on horses or steam power anymore. This era saw many tragic fires that finally resulted in building fire codes that set the standard for the number of exits, their location and design in public buildings, as well as other regulations. Firefighting technology continued to advance during this era. The aerial ladder now used spring assisted and power take off technology and by the 1930's, a ladder that had taken many firemen to raise, rotate and extend now could be controlled by a single fireman. The 1950's saw the elevated boom with basket developed. Not all advances in technology in the field of firefighting were successful, but the majority of them were, and most led to the further protection of life and property.
Innovation of the Era!